Before reading, I ask my guides for information that serves only the highest good, for joy and insight and clarity. While laying out cards in an intuitive fashion, I see each spread as a "map," and my goal is to discover the keys and the paths, the blocks and the general emotional topography. I strive to deliver any insight with "realness," compassion, and humor. Here's what some people have said about working with me:

“It was the best reading I have ever gotten! Her wisdom and insight into what is REALLY going on opened me up for the betterment of my life experience. No flighty kooky misinformation--a winning combo of finely tuned intellectualism and spiritual clarity. I highly recommend her divination skills!” – A.

“I had never had a tarot card reading before I met Liz. I appreciate that she focuses in the present rather than the past or the future, both of which I'm prone to over-analyze or become anxious about. She left me with a sense of direction; I could guide myself to make decisions and take actions rather than passively follow my automatic responses. Liz reminded me that I can control and understand my reactions to situations, then use this awareness to shape my destiny. I know that's a simple thing, but sometimes, in my own personal whirlwind, I tend to forget.” -K.

“Liz provides astute, insightful observations that are delivered with compassion and grace. She helped me to address some issues that were causing me confusion and assisted by offering tools to create peace, calm, and clarity moving forward. I highly recommend getting a reading with her, as it will inevitably be a unique, beneficial experience!” -S.

“Liz was very vibrant, dynamic, and direct. I loved my reading!” –C.

“I really feel Liz has a gift--the guidance she gave was awesome. A month later, I’m still thinking of some of the advice from the reading. Things mentioned continue to get confirmed in very clear ways… it was such a prophetic experience.” –S.

“I just had a spontaneous phone tarot reading with Liz. She made me cry on the street, she was so dead-on.” -A.

Everything in Liz’s cards continues to come true, and out of nowhere. Completely unexpected.” -R.