Some longer, more or less thoughtful pieces, for those of you with a little time who enjoy reading.

+ In Defense of Cults! (VICE)

+ Identity Kit: An Argument for Being a Poser (Rookie)

+ Confessions of a Former Mean Girl (that would be me) (Rookie)

+ Inside Cinefamily's Chaotic 24-hour Telethon (with photos by Sarah Soquel Morhaim) (Bullett)

+ A Big Gay Choice, how California overturned Prop 8 again. (VICE)

+ The Fashion Thief Stole My Identity. Oh yes. (VICE)

+ Occupy LA + Michael Jackson fans in mourning + Skid Row = Psychomagic. Occupy Michael Jackson That’s what the Occupy movement is all about: Making life better in a conscientious manner, or at least having access to a dream of a better life." (VICE)

+ Breaking in a Broken Heart: How to Draw Power from a Truly Crappy Experience (Rookie)

+ The War in Iraq is Over. Long Live the War on Terror! On prison privatization and manufactured fear. (VICE)

+ I Let My Mom Run My Life for a Week (and it was super super super intense). (xoJane)

+ I wore a nude bodysuit around NYC for a day to experience what it's like to dress in a current diva staple. Does naked to the world mean naked to the self? (xoJane)

+ The intriguing but ill-fated Process Church and the groovy Sabbath Assembly (the latter dug up hymnals of the former 40 years later)

+ A friend and I skinned an owl (VICE)

+ I went on an insane luxury press junket to Jamaica and everyone freaked out about "ethics" (VICE)

+ Wear Dare: An experiment in looking terrible (VICE)

+ A family of for-realLas Vegas Vampyres (Las Vegas Weekly)