I like talking to people. Here are conversations I've enjoyed with some fantastic personalities.

+ The Whore of Babalon. It all started when Labanna took acid every day for six days, and on the seventh stuffed seven hits in her vagina. (VICE)

+ Princess Dies Is the Last Woman on Earth. Talking dunes and far-out exploration with Ashby Lee Collinson (VICE)

+ The Source Family Rises Again! Filmmaker and publisher Jodi Wille on her documentary about Father Yod's community. (VICE)

+ Diva Dompé is an immutable force of love. (VICE)

+ Ron Rege's Abstract Mystical Cartoon Textbook: "Writing is comics. Every letter is a pictogram. The letter 'a' is a cartoon character." (VICE)

+ An Interdimensional Report from Jennifer Juniper Stratford (VICE)

Staring Into the Sun with Olivia Wyatt (VICE)

Aaron Hibbs (VICE)

Harmony Korine (VICE)

Tristan Patterson, director of Dragonslayer (VICE)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon (VICE)

SSION's wild rainbow tamer Cody Critcheloe (VICE)

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Science-fiction legend Frederik Pohl (VICE)

Noise hero Rat Bastard (VICE)

wild bird of happiness
Hypnotherapist/radionics experimenter/mystic/botanic alchemist/Nautical Almanac co-love-maker Carly Ptak (VICE)

Semi-transient hobo expert Bill Daniel (VICE)